Saturday, July 13, 2013

lily's first flower girl gig

shaun, eva, and lily traveled to wheaton, il yesterday so shaun could perform the wedding of some friends and lily could be the flower girl. 

initially all 5 of us were going to go but then reason got the better of us and we decided it would be much easier to chase claire around the comfort of our own home rather than a hotel, rehearsal, and wedding. 

this meant that somehow shaun had to do a wedding and keep track of two girls. thankfully we had other friends at the wedding who were very sweet to help out and the girls did great. we drilled lily over and over to NOT TALK during the wedding! i think she pulled it off. 

these are some pics shaun took with his phone and sent to me. i had also coached shaun on what to do with lily's hair for the wedding. thankfully there was someone there to do her hair. (dodged a bullet there!) and i think it turned out so sweet. 

love these two girls!

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