Sunday, July 14, 2013

poop is not for dinner

tonight we had some dear friends over for a fancy dinner of pizza and dessert. as usual my girls were lively, yelling, climbing on our friends, being overly affectionate, interrupting, lily announcing that she was in the bathroom when our friends arrived, etc.

finally we sat down to eat our pizza. naturally the adults lingered around the table, while eva and lily finished quickly and ran around making noise.

as we lingered i kept claire occupied in her high chair where she could graze on her food and stay out of trouble. i did notice a few times that she was performing her dinnerly (yes, that's a word now) grunting meaning she was, shall we say, making room for the pizza and grapes she was eating. i kept feeding her grapes and talking.

finally at one point we all looked at claire and noticed she had a disgusted look on her face with a piece of food in her hand that she had just taken out of her mouth. i went over to investigate what part of pizza or grape she was so grossed out by.

i looked in her hand and though maybe it was a mushroom but by the look on her face i thought mushrooms don't taste that bad.  and then i thought that the piece of food looked more like a green pepper or jalapeño. so i though oh, a jalapeño, yes, that would cause her to make that face.

and then i thought, we didn't have jalapeños on the pizza.

and then...i"it"...smelled like poop.

yep, it was food that had just been pooped out.

those dinnerly grunts she had done a while back had "leaked" and she had grabbed

total gross out moment. 

she at poop, people, POOP!

needless to say she was taken straight to the tub and stripped down and she also opened her other hand that was still tightly clinging to another piece of her "snack."

i guess with her being our third child and the first to eat poop we are doing pretty well. as a parent, one must look for a way in all situations to pat themselves on the back. after you washing your hands, of course.

good thing she's cute. and good thing i just bough her a toothbrush.

eat blueberries and nutella on toast. not poop.

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